Hey everyone! I apologize for the LONG hiatus on updates to the site. There have been a lot of changes both business-wise and personally that I just could not keep the website consistently up to date until now.

As most of you know, the #PartyholiczList has been featured at SEVERAL venues and events. Everyone constantly asks me why I choose to spread myself out so much instead of focusing on one place at a time. The answer is simple. I have a problem staying at one place for too long or constantly going to the same one party every single week. I thrive off of new atmospheres, meeting new people, traveling around, and seeking new experiences! I am addicted to that aspect of the party life: meeting new people while seeking new experiences. “Mr. PaRTyHoLiC” was the name that was given to me by a few people who would RSVP for parties I promoted in the past. It was partially because they did not know my name is Rez, and partially because I would make the effort to appear at multiple places in one night between NJ and NYC.

Currently, I do not have the luxury of having a lot of time to be “everywhere at once“, but that does not mean my addiction to that experience is gone. It is very much still there, as I do occasionally succumb to the addiction, lol. With that said, I decided to become a “traveling promoter”, so to say. Those who have worked with me or partied with me know I do not wish to seek riches and fame from promoting. As long as I have enough to pay bills and profit a little, I am ok with it. It is not about money to me, it is about the experiences! I have social media accounts where I post events, but many people have also noted that I barely post photos of myself or my experiences. That’s simply because I’m usually too into the moments I experience to post on the gram, get it on snap, or go live on Facebook. Also, I’m out and about by myself a lot, meeting up with several groups of people that I know, so I don’t have a “team” or “entourage” to constantly post on social media with.

This is the change. I would like to start blogging about my experiences and taking more photos of everywhere I go. I have been to so many bars, clubs, lounges, hotels, resorts, restaurants, etc. around the NJ, NYC, PA areas. As I blog my experiences, I would love to update my social media with photos and videos also. I figure why not share my adventures in a more meaningful way, to inspire others to go for similar experiences as me. If I happen to have the #PartyholiczList featured at select venues I blog about, all of you would be more than welcome to come experience these places with me. That’s if you don’t mind being featured on my blog and social media lol.

So, the #PartyholiczList will still be available for everyone to use at select venues. However, the only difference is that I will be blogging about a variety of places I visit as well. My blogs will be very informal and personal. My reviews of places will not be as personal and will be more so my straightforward summary of what to expect when visiting those places.